The new STIHL BGA 85 cordless blower



The new cordless blower provides top-class cordless blowing performance with innovative lithium ion technology to make it portable, clean and quiet. Practical details like the straightforward one-hand control via the switch lever and the convenient battery slot provide tangible ergonomics and are very advantageous for the user. As well as user comfort, these features enable clearing up to be carried out in noise-sensitive places like residential areas, parks or institutions without disturbing anyone.

Powerful battery. Lots of power. Powerfull battery. Lots of power.

The STIHL BGA 85 cordless blower combines innovative motor and battery technology with top-class engineering.

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Lots of power tools – 1 battery Lots of power tools – 1 battery

Mobile, quiet operation with no exhaust emissions and no power lead: our powerful lithium ion batteries are compatible with all STIHL cordless machines.

Cordless power system