Innovations and technologies

Find out what lies behind our proven STIHL quality and how STIHL technology helps professionals to surpass themselves.

Improved performance – proven STIHL quality 

We know that performance and reliability are essential in professional applications to ensure you can complete your projects successfully. That’s why we never allow ourselves to be satisfied with the status quo and instead constantly question the limits of what is possible. This is the only way we can always guarantee you the best power tools, solutions and equipment to make your work easier and provide a unique work experience.


We have even more innovations for you: our BGA 300 offers a new noise reduction system to ensure quiet operation, while the MSA 300 is the first chainsaw from STIHL to have an operation and notification cockpit. The emissions-free TSA 230 cordless cut-off machine is also suitable for working indoors, and its built-in water connection immediately binds any dust that arises.

Your partner for professional applications

STIHL dealers are your partner for professional applications. Their expertise and experience mean they can support you in selecting the right tools, and offer you top-notch customer service and maintenance. Find a STIHL dealer near you and see for yourself!

Safety while working at STIHL

Three men wearing protective equipment in front of a vehicle, with the open boot containing STIHL cordless power tools

Health and safety while you work

STIHL attaches great importance to safety and protecting health while you work. We keep you informed about the most important protective measures and safety precautions so that you and your employees can work healthily and with peace of mind.

Stay protected from head to toe

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