New all round chain saws. The MS 271 and MS 291.

New all round chain saws. The MS 271 and MS 291.

Invaluable assistants for farmers, landscapers and professional gardeners, our rugged new all-round chain saws are powerful, efficient and economic in use. Built to be tough and easy to work with, the new MS 271 and MS 291 chain saws are ideal for clearing fallen wood, branch removal and felling small trees.

Powerful performance. Easy to control.
Giving each of the new STIHL chain saws just the right power to tackle a wide range of tasks, their advanced new engine drives the significant torque needed to maintain a fast and clean cut – even when working on hard, knot-ridden or wet wood. The two models are available with either a 40 or 45cm guide bar, enabling even a three foot diameter tree to be cut, and their excellent balance, low vibrations and ergonomic design make them easy to handle, giving you confident control.

Robust and reliable
Core to the appeal of the new all-round chain saws is their robust build quality and reliability in use. After all, a chain saw should always be ready to work when you need it, and capable of withstanding the rigours of everyday use.

Built to last

STIHL chain saws are certainly built to last and the new models are no exception, with robust, high quality components and a smooth casing design to minimise damage from knocks. Reliable performance is also assured, with features like the clever compensator which ensures a constant fuel-air mix in the engine's carburettor, and a new more efficient air filter system that removes heavier dust particles before they enter the physical filter. Both features ensure the engine's consistent running behaviour by minimising the impact of an inevitably dirty work environment. The new long-life air filter system has another great benefit: it is so efficient it doubles air filter life when compared to its predecessor – making maintenance much easier and the saw more economic to run.

Gentler on the environment. Kinder on the pocket.
Delivering great operating economy and efficiency in its power tools, STIHL introduced its advanced 2-MIX engine two years' ago, and that engine now drives the new STIHL MS 271 and MS 291 chain saws. The innovative 2-MIX technology means the new chain saws not only emit 50% fewer emissions than their predecessors, they cut fuel consumption too and are considerably more economical in terms of fuel use. That means the new chain saws are not only gentler on the environment, they are kinder on the pocket too.

Powerful, efficient and reliable in use, the new MS 271 and MS 291 chain saws are available now from the STIHL network of specialist Approved Dealers. For product specifications visit the ‘Products' page, or visit your local Dealer to see them for yourself.