The powerful petrol hedge trimmers

Light and racy

Light and racy: The powerful petrol hedge trimmers

Petrol hedge trimmers show their strengths in park and landscape maintenance and are also ideal for tackling jobs around the garden. These powerful petrol-driven machines with their practical features are rugged, lightweight and easy to use. They are ideal for working on dense, very long or tall hedges.

Advantages of petrol hedge trimmers

  • Powerful: innovative technology results in a powerful, low-wear, stable and highly efficient engine.
  • Mobile: the cordless machines allow unrestricted freedom of movement.
  • Comfortable: STIHL hedge trimmers are available in various bar lengths and versions, e.g. the Comfort version (C) with ErgoStart (E).
  • Double-sided blades: the STIHL HS 81 R/T hedge trimmers with a double-sided blade  for perfect results in both vertical and horizontal cutting when pruning and trimming. Using both sides of the blade is the most efficient way to cut awkward corners.
  • HS 86 R/T with single-sided blade: the STIHL HS 86 R/T hedge trimmers are specially designed with  a single-sided blade  making it ideal for horizontal cutting always at the same height. The single-sided blade makes the HS 86 R and T a bit lighter still than the double-sided STIHL HS 81 R/T.

The R versions - Great for heavy pruning

The R versions of the STIHL HS 81 and STIHL HS 86 are uncompromisingly designed for pruning. Their blade geometry has wide tooth spacing and a big cutter height. The gearing delivers high cutting power. The R versions therefore make all large-scale pruning and clearing work quicker and easier.

The T versions - Perfect for trimming

The T versions of the new STIHL hedge trimmers are designed for perfect shaping and fine trimming of hedges and shrubs. The blade geometry with a smaller tooth spacing and shorter cutter height in conjunction with the gearing for a high stroke rate helps to make a neat job even of "filigree" work.

STIHL No-Online-Sale Policy

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- This is to protect customers from fake / spurious / cheap knock-off of STIHL Equipment, Spares & Accessories.

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