Portable, quiet and powerful

The cordless hedge trimmers

HSA 65 and HSA 85 cordless hedge trimmers

STIHL hedge trimmers are now also available in cordless versions. The handy HSA 65 and HSA 85 powerhouses meet professional standards in terms of cutting performance and working comfort. Just what you expect from a STIHL. Best of all, they operate without fuel or a cable! The low-noise hedge trimmers are ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments.

HSA 65

Handy, low-noise cordless hedge trimmer with a powerful lithium-ion battery. Bar has single-sided tooth finish.
Ideal for use in large or small gardens. Supplied with AP 80 battery and AL 100 standard charger.
HSA 85

Efficient, low-noise cordless hedge trimmer with a powerful lithium-ion battery. Bar has double-sided tooth finish. Ideal for commercial use in noise-sensitive areas and parks and for garden and landscape maintenance. Supplied with 2 x AP 80 batteries and AL 300 quick charger, or one AP 160 battery and AL 300 quick charger.


AP 160

The AP 160 battery has 20 lithium-ion cells and stores 160 Wh of energy at a voltage of 36 V. With the AP 160, the cordless hedge trimmers have a running time of up to 80 minutes.

Advantages of cordless hedge trimmers

  •  Mobile, quiet, powerful: The 36 V lithium-ion battery is the power behind the new STIHL cordless hedge trimmers. It permits portability and quiet working without fuel or a cable. With a battery running time of up to 45 minutes with the AP 80, or 80 minutes with the AP 160, STIHL's new cordless hedge trimmers have very high endurance and can even tackle long hedges.
  • Convenient, straightforward, easy to maintain: Cordless hedge trimmers are perfectly balanced, easy to control and effortless to operate. The practical  loop handle allows left- and right-handed users to work in either direction. They are easy to start and easy to operate. Replacing the battery takes next to no time. The smooth surfaces attract hardly any dirt and are easy to clean.
  • Low-noise, low-emission: these properties won the STIHL cordless hedge trimmers HSA 65 and HSA 85 the "Blue Angel" award.