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FS 380 petrol-driven clearing saw: for extended work in forestry, horticulture and landscaping

The high-performance STIHL FS 380 petrol-driven clearing saw is designed for extended continuous use in forestry, horticulture and landscaping. You can select the right cutting tool to suit the task at hand. Equipped with a circular saw blade, the STIHL FS 380 can even cut through thin tree trunks.

The ergonomic bike handle (mowing handle) supports a natural scything movement which facilitates effective mowing. The FS 380 features a single-handed multi-functional handle which means you can quickly and easily access all essential functions. The STIHL anti-vibration system helps protect muscles and joints, especially during long periods of use.

Supplied as standard, the padded double shoulder strap distributes the weight of the clearing saw as evenly as possible, for enhanced comfort during extended use.

Other features and benefits of the STIHL FS 380 petrol-driven brushcutter:

  • compensator reduces the maintenance effort required, because it keeps engine output constant for a long time even as the air filter becomes more heavily soiled
  • Easy-access air filter cover for quick filter cleaning and replacement
  • Transparent tank for easy monitoring of remaining fuel
FS 380

Technical details

Power output2 kW
Weight7.3 kg 1)

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