Carburettor heater

Ideal in frosty weather

Carburettor heater

No matter what weather they are used in, STIHL chain saws can cope even in extreme temperatures. The carburettor heater (V) with temperature-controlled on/off switch helps prevent carburettor icing in cold conditions. STIHL chain saws with a heated carburettor are indicated by the letter "V" in the model name.

The carburettor heater consists of an electric heating coil (1) and the thermostat switch (2). The heating coil (1) is fitted ahead of the carburettor. The thermostat switch (2) is either located on the carburettor cover on the pump side or mounted directly on the heating coil, depending on the version.

Power is supplied via the heater generator. As soon as the carburettor temperature falls below a critical temperature of + 10°C the thermostat switches on the heating coil. The heater effectively prevents the carburettor from icing up and the engine runs smoothly.

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