About Andreas Stihl Pvt. Ltd.

Andreas Stihl Pvt. Ltd.

Andreas Stihl Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly owned sales subsidiary of Andreas Stihl AG & Co. KG, Germany.

STIHL - 85 years old Germany based company - is one of the leading global companies in the field of outdoor power tools that include chainsaws, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, blowers,vaccum shredders, telescopic pruners, earth Augers, rescue saw and cut –off Saws. With manufacturing facilities in six countries, its own sales companies in 32 countries and a worldwide network of 40000 servicing dealers operating in more than 160 countries, STIHL is the world's largest selling brand in chain saws and cut off saws.

Andreas Stihl Pvt Ltd, India – is a wholly owned subsidiary operating in India from Pune – The company is very well positioned to support its customers through its world class quality products, spare parts supply and prompt after sales service. With the state of art service and training facilities at Pune, the company is in a good position to provide excellent technical, marketing and after sales support through its trained service staff and efficient network of service franchisee across the country.

STIHL products are widely used in India by various end users related to Professional logging, Landscaping, Horticulture, Agriculture, Plantations and government institutions like Railways, Disaster management and Emergency Services, Health Services, Municipal Corporations and Defence Establishments etc.

Our products

Andreas Stihl Pvt.Ltd offers wide range of chain saws, electric hedge trimmers, garden hedge trimmers, chainsaw hedge trimmers, hedge trimmers, brush cutters, blowers, vacuum shredders, telescopic pruners, earth augers, rescue saw, cut –off saws.

We offer following purchase and servicing advantages:

  • STIHL products are sold exclusively through appointed servicing dealers, not mass merchandisers :This guarantees qualified technical advice and high quality product service.
  • 10 years STIHL parts availability guarantee: This offers the user the assurance of being able to use his STIHLproduct for years to come.
  • Everything from one manufacturer: Complete chain saw with saw chain and guide bars, power tools with attachments, accessories .This system of design match components assures trouble free operations and long service life.
  • Environmental friendliness: At STIHL, environmental friendliness is a major priority in the development of chain saws, power tools,engines,fuels,lubricants and accessories. Key areas of development modern engines, emission control , noise reduction ,environment friendly fuels and lubricants , recycle materials.
  • Outstanding Service Friendliness: All parts of STIHL products that require regular maintenance/replacement (air filter, chain sprocket, rewind starter, etc.) are easily accessible to save time and minimize cost.

Application Areas

STIHL products are widely used in India by various end users related to:

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Forestry
  • Landscapes
  • Golf Courses
  • Disaster Management
  • Municipal Corporations
  • Health services
  • Railways
  • Defence Sector
  • Corporates
  • Public Sectors Units
  • Construction
  • Professional wood cutting

STIHL No-Online-Sale Policy

- STIHL India encourages its Business Partners to include informational materials about STIHL products on their websites.
- In accordance with the STIHL no online order policy, STIHL does not permit sale of its products via online purchase.
- Delivery of any STIHL product to a customer must be made in person by a trained dealer employee.

Online purchase of equipment automatically voids STIHL warranty.

- This is to protect customers from fake / spurious / cheap knock-off of STIHL Equipment, Spares & Accessories.

Always purchase Genuine STIHL from Authorized STIHL outlets,
for more information write to us at info@stihlindia.com