Even your chain saw takes a break now and then

The correct way to store chain saws

Your STIHL chain saw likes dry, dustfree conditions. And if you clean it before putting it away for a while – say, three months over winter – then it will be ready for use when you take it out again in the spring.

Emptying the fuel tank

Empty the fuel tank in a well-ventilated place and then clean it. Remember to drain the carburettor first, to prevent the carburettor diaphragms from sticking together.

Dismantling chain saws

Remove the chain and guide bar, clean them and spray them with protective oil.

Store in a dry place

Your chain saw should be stored in a dry place. Choose a place which is well ventilated and protected from the weather. Keeping it outdoors is not advisable.

Protect from the sun

Store the machine away from the direct rays of the sun. Exposure to the sun's rays causes UV embrittlement.

Staying dust free

Your chain saw should always be packed away in a dust-free environment. STIHL has a line of special carry bags and cases to protect your machine.

Safe storage

Always store your chain saw out of reach of other people (e.g. children). The best place to store it is in a lockable room or cupboard.

STIHL No-Online-Sale Policy

- STIHL India encourages its Business Partners to include informational materials about STIHL products on their websites.
- In accordance with the STIHL no online order policy, STIHL does not permit sale of its products via online purchase.
- Delivery of any STIHL product to a customer must be made in person by a trained dealer employee.

Online purchase of equipment automatically voids STIHL warranty.

- This is to protect customers from fake / spurious / cheap knock-off of STIHL Equipment, Spares & Accessories.

Always purchase Genuine STIHL from Authorized STIHL outlets,
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