no-online-sale policy

‘Andreas Stihl AG & Company' is a German manufacturer of chain Saws and
handheld power tools. We are proud to be widely recognized as world's best-selling
brand of chain saws. Our presence in India is head-quartered in Kuruli near Chakan.

This is to bring to your notice that STIHL doesn't sell online*

STIHL has always banked on the highest possible product quality and competence of
servicing dealers. Personal advice, briefing on proper use, delivery of products ready
for operation and professional customer service are mainstays of our brand
philosophy. The customer's safety when using our products is a key priority for
STIHL. Because of this commitment to customer service and safety, STIHL dealers
have been authorized to sell STIHL products only from established retail locations
and not by mail order or on the internet. This philosophy has been justified by the
premium character of the brands and the necessity to avoid safety concerns of our

STIHL has long decided that selling through a committed local dealer is the only way
to do business. It is the locally owned dealer that is able to fully service the
customer's product needs.