Hedge maintenance tips

Hedge maintenance tips

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping a hedge looking good. To prevent your hedge from looking bald after you have cut it, STIHL has put together some helpful hedge maintenance tips for you.

Is hedge cutting subject to legal regulations?

  • Under the Federal Nature Protection Act (Section 29 Subsection 3 Paragraph 1) it is prohibited to cut hedges between 1 March and 30 September because many animals and birds are rearing their young during that period.
  • However, trimming hedges without causing harm by penetrating the body of the hedge does not come under the ban.

What should one bear in mind when cutting hedges at this time of year?

  • When cutting hedges between March and September, check carefully that there are no birds' nests or animals rearing young in the hedge.

What's the best weather for hedge cutting?

  • Sunny, frost-free weather is best for hedge cutting (not below -5°C).

What's the best time of year to cut hedges?

  • Actual hedge cutting should be done in the spring, ideally just before the hedges start to produce shoots.
  • In the summer any unevennesses that were not visible before the leaves emerged can be evened up to keep the hedge in shape.
  • Another cut should be made in late summer (August to September) to remove weak shoots before the winter.
  • If you are planning to rejuvenate your hedge this should be done during the winter.

To keep your hedges in shape

To keep your hedges in shape

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